Steller’s Jay Publishing

This is the Steller’s Jay Publishing Company!

Here, you will discover disclosure on Ancient Hidden Knowledge, Sacred Wisdom, Lost Education, Hidden Timelines, Akashic Records Rememberances of who we are, our beginning, our evolutions, our past lives and hypnosis regressions.

The Steller’s Jay Publishing Company aims to provide a safe space to reveal revelations that has the potential to move and awaken the masses during these times of awakening, transformation, and healing. As we Remember who we are, we need a space where we can share our own wisdom, education, knowledge, speech, thoughts, revelations, and this can free us on many levels.

What does Steller’s Jay mean or symbolize?

The Steller’s Jay has a bold fearless energy. When you follow its lead, it brings hope in despair and the will to live. Diving into this path, teaches fearlessness, adaptability and survival skills. It reminds us of Trust, Love, Self-Appreciation, and to follow your calling. This journey of strength and honor will support you on your path into authenticity and alignment.

What do we do at Steller’s Jay Publishing?

Steller’s Jay offers support when it comes to publishing your book. From thought, writing, formatting, completing the manuscript, creating a cover, title and to publish your book. At this time services are expanding so please reach out to Melanie Aguirre directly for any information or questions.

What services are offered at Steller’s Jay?

Publishing services, Website Design, Website Management, Social Media Content Creator and Page Management, Promotional Advertising and Marketing, Promotional Video Content Creation, Educational Videos, Graphic designs, Event Support, Platform for Ticket Sales, Printing and much more.

Who has Steller’s Jay helped already?

Steller’s Jay Publishing Company has produced content for the following:



HAUS Cafe,, New Jersey


New Authors!

Author, S.M. Grace, Pennsylvania

Is Steller’s Jay Publishing open to new Authors?

Yes! Please send email to