S.M. Grace

S.M. Grace

Among other roles, S.M. Grace is a multifaceted individual known as an artist, writer, and Starseed.

Born in Northwestern Pennsylvania to a Catholic family, Sara’s unique sensitivity to energy was nurtured by her similarly attuned mother. Even as a young child, she displayed a remarkable depth of understanding, earning her the nickname “Teach” due to her penchant for answering profound questions beyond her years.

Despite societal pressures and discouragement from her Catholic upbringing, Sara concealed her innate gifts for much of her life, seeking to conform to what she perceived as a “normal” existence. However, in 1999, a pivotal moment occurred when she received her first crystal, sparking a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Sara’s path led her to explore various avenues of creativity and personal growth. By 2004, she had earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, showcased her artwork in exhibitions, and garnered recognition for her artistic endeavors.

In 2019, a significant shift occurred in Sara’s life when she transitioned from pursuing art to working as a writer for a local newspaper—a role she cherished deeply. However, a profound inner calling compelled her to delve further into meditation and soul communication, leading to transformative experiences in 2020 and beyond.

In 2021, Sara heeded the unmistakable voice of her soul, embarking on a journey of travel and self-discovery. This newfound path prompted her to document her experiences on YouTube despite no prior filming or editing expertise.

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‘Bound by the Sands, the Awakening of a Slave’ by S.M. Grace

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‘Bound by the Sands, the Awakening of a Slave’ by S.M. Grace