Conversations with Anubis, Trance Channel Healing Event with Melanie Aguirre


Melanie Aguirre has a lot to offer when it comes to this healing and transformative event as she brings through the ‘Essence of Anubis’.

Melanie Aguirre is a Trance Channel Medium who allows the Higer Self Connection and Essence of Anubis to come through in a powerful way. Bringing answers, guidance, intuition, healing and direction to your questions on a personal or collective level.

A Message from the Golden Scarab, False Disclosure, Galactic Beings, Wake up, Ancient Truth and Wisdom.

What can happen in the Trance Channeled reading or healing with Anubis? 

  • Light Language can be spoken.
  • Light Codes can be spoken for healing
  • Healing Codes
  • DNA Upgrades and Activations
  • Clearing Negative Blueprints
  • Upgrades and Positive Programming
  • Tonal Language
  • Clear Blockages
  • Discover your path, purpose and mission
  • Starseed/Lightworker recognition and confirmation
  • Starseed Lineage Discovery
  • Akashic Records Readings into Past Lives
  • Akashic Records Readings into possible future events or timelines
  • Personal Readings
  • Collective Readings
  • Gain clarity on your current life path and sense of direction
  • Address physical limitations or ailments
  • Instantaneous Healings if appropriate
  • Shifts in your life
  • Past Life Rememberances
  • Activations or Enhancement to Psychic Abilities
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Energy/Aura Clearing
  • Deliverance of Ancient Wisdom, guidance, direction and more
  • After these sessions you will see shifts take place in your life

Are you interested in more?

Personal sessions and Special Events offered:

Private/ Individual/ one to one session can be purchased through the ‘shop’. Please schedule your session with Melanie Aguirre directly. This session can be done online or in person.

Small to Large Group Sessions are available. This can be for an event, workshop, presentation, or for a general healing session. Please connect with Melanie directly for more information.

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