Quantum Disclosure Project

What is the Quantum Disclosure Project?

Melanie Aguirre created a space that would reveal the revelations of our ancient hidden knowledge, sacred knowledge, educations and timelines, that have been removed from our history, intentional hidden or changed for gain and control of the human population, and to rattle religions and to break free from the beliefs that have been programmed for hundreds of years.

We are in a new era of enlightenment and awakening. In a time of remembrance, awareness, and of great mission, purpose, and opportunity for growth and expansion in consciousness.

What is the purpose of the Quantum Disclosure Project?

The purpose of the Quantum Disclosure Project is to exercise our right to recover lost knowledge, wisdom, insight, and guidance, so that we can reawaken to who we are in this present moment. As we shift through this timeline in evolution, our time to awaken is now. The time to Awaken is now. The Time to Activate is now. As we shift into alignment of remembrance, we allow a new flow and frequency into our lives. If you are new to this path, you are in a treat as you will find resonance with other starseeds, lightworkers, teachers, leaders, wayshowers, mentors, educators, shamans, guides and more. This space is for you and by you as we all awaken together on this journey into enlightenment and evolution.

Ignite and activates the remembrance that is you!

What does the Quantum Disclosure Project do?

Other than rewriting history and Awakening Starseeds, the project activates gridlines by traveling to sacred sites to activate and journey to other dimensions to bring forth the knowledge that has been lost and forgotten. As we research and reveal through regression, we discover we are our very own cosmic family. As we dive into another dimension to reveal who we really are, you will never look at life the same. Expand you mind and project yourself into a whole new arena of enlightenment. Gaze into past lives, future possibilities and quantum healing instantly. There are no limits to what can be done.

What are the products of the Quantum Disclosure Project?

The project releases revelations through eBooks, Paperback books, Hardcover books, Episodes, sessions and more. If you are interested in more, please check out the Upcoming ‘Featured Events’ and Services by Melanie Aguirre on the ‘Shop’ page.

Want to know more?

Please reach out to Melanie Aguirre directly for any questions.