Online, Hypnosis Past Life Regression with Melanie Aguirre



Online Hypnosis Past Life Regression Session

Explore a past life in this session to gain further insight to who you were and to learn the story behind who you are now. This can bring healing in many ways and on many levels that is worth exploring. Bring your questions and intentions to gain more clarity on your direction and more!

How long is the session?

The session does require an interview before the session starts so set aside extra time for this. On this day, please set aside an afternoon for yourself. Allow the healing session to integrate. Expect two to three hours*

Where do we meet for the session?

This session is met online via Zoom and a private link will be shared with you.

Important scheduling information:

Your payment is required to schedule your session. This is to secure your date and time for your session.

Can I reschedule? 

Yes, you are able to reschedule! Please reach out to Melanie Aguirre as soon as possible.

Are there refunds? 

No! There are no refunds. If you choose to surrender your session after scheduling, this is your choice. If you choose to gift your session to someone else, this is okay.

Any other questions?

Please connect with Melanie Aguirre directly for more*





Is this a QHHT session?

This is an online session that takes you on a multidimensional journey through hypnosis and a guided meditation.

If you are wondering if this is a QHHT session, the answer is ‘no’ it is not QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

If you are looking for a QHHT with Melanie Aguirre, please locate that in the shop and products list. Please note that the QHHT sessions are in person only.


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