Book, Signed Paperback! Revelations One, the Beginning, by Melanie Aguirre




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Embark on an extraordinary journey through the realms of Ancient Hidden Knowledge, Sacred Wisdom, and Forgotten Education, where the echoes of our origins resonate through time. From the enigmatic origins of the Universe to the pressing issues of our modern world, immerse yourself in a tapestry of profound truths waiting to be unveiled.

In a time when consciousness is awakening and curiosity reigns, the moment for revelation is upon us. Journey through the corridors of history, regress into the depths of the past, meticulously research the threads of wisdom woven throughout the ages, and courageously reveal the secrets that have long been concealed.

United as a Tribe of Voyagers, we transcend boundaries and traverse the mysteries of existence. With each step, we illuminate the path towards Quantum Disclosure, where the convergence of knowledge and enlightenment illuminates the way forward.

Melanie Aguirre, Author, Researcher, Hypnotist

Quantum Disclosure Project, Revelations One, The Beginning


“Through a series of hypnotic regressions Melanie Aguirre comes as close as any one I know in capturing the diverse grandeur of the Star Seed mission to Earth. One of my favorite parts is chapter 3, where in one of her clients recalls Isis and Osiris and Their Egyptian Role. This dialogue captures the living essence of the twin flame/ soul mate experience. Overall, there is so much wisdom in this small, unassuming book, that if everyone read it – it would transform the human race to becomes what we have always been – the Living Gods of Light.”
– Alan Steinfeld, author of Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence


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