Book, Bound by the Sands: the Awakening of a Slave by S.M. Grace, eBook


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Book Description
Reality starts to look like a fantasy for S.M. Grace as she tells the story of her life and the past life that affected it.
Once an Egyptian priestess who was stolen and turned into a sex slave, Lelana woke up in her next life and was named Sara. Most souls go through a veil of forgetting, but what happens when aspects of the past turn up in the present? S.M. Grace takes you on a wild ride as she recounts her life and all the ways her past life showed itself until it was time to regain her memories.
Channeling who she was in a past life, S.M. Grace dives into her memories to bring ancient Egypt back to life. As the memories surge forth, this author works to understand and heal the person she was so that she can be free to embrace who she is today. Not all stories are nice, but some are worth it.
Told like a fiction story, this book contains many trigger warnings and should be handled with care. If you are brave enough, you just might be inspired to embrace your own healing.
-S.M. Grace, Author, Creator

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